Audio Diary: Danny Grewcock

Posted 7th April 2015

After the high dramas of the past two days, Day 3 of the trek was a chance for the teams to forge ahead in their epic journey to the North Pole. They managed 8-9 miles in good conditions, beneath the clear skies of the Arctic. They battled through choppy ice, working well in their teams and keeping up a good pace. Expedition leader Alan received a call late in the afternoon warning him that bad weather was coming in, so the teams set up the tents before the wind started up and the whiteout blew in. 

Morale is high, and they hope to push through another 8-9 miles on Day 4.

Starting at 89°25N161E, the team are aiming to be halfway through the trek by the end of today. 

Listen to Danny's audio diary:

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