Food supplies

Posted 11th March 2015

As a team, we will be consuming nearly half a million calories during the expedition to fuel us dragging our supplies to the North Pole.

With a small mountain of expedition food to prepare, Danny and Lewis helped with breaking down the team's daily food. The more preparation we can do prior to going on the ice, the more efficiency we will develop as a team once we are travelling across the frozen ocean.

Our motto: Train hard, Haul easy. That includes all aspects of the project, beyond the physical application of dragging our supplies and ourselves to the top of the world. Ignorance to the risks and challenges of an expedition to the North Pole will no doubt make our success harder to achieve.

We are now into final preparations for the headnorth Polar expedition. The team is 100% focussed on success and completely committed to raising our target of £250,000 for The Lewis Moody Foundation and the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

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