Training Day

Posted 17th February 2015

The team met at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines in Devon this week for military training geared to extreme conditions. Over three days, the team began the training needed to survive in the North Pole.

Headnorth is one of the most extreme challenges humans can undertake, and preparation is a serious business. The team was instructed on the specialist polar Arctic equipment needed to survive such a challenge and prepared their polar harnesses. They also spent time with the Royal Marines Mountain & Arctic Warfare Cadre, who lectured them on cold weather injuries and how to prevent them, as well as the training techniques needed to work in the harsh conditions of the extreme cold.

Physical training took place outside on the common outside the camp. Team members practised pulling large tyres across the moors to replicate the sensation of dragging 60kg sledges across the Arctic for hours and days.

This was also a key chance for the whole team – many of whom had not worked together before - to work and train together, building up their team skills. The next training session will be at 78 degrees North in Svalbard!

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