Great by Y.CO

Y.CO is proud to be working with the GREAT Britain campaign. Showcasing the best of what the UK has to offer, the Campaign aims to inspire the world and encourage people to do business, invest and study in the UK. It was launched in 2012 to capitalise on the excitement of the London Olympics.

It is the Government’s most ambitious international promotional campaign ever, uniting the efforts of the public and private sector to generate jobs and growth for Britain.

Y.CO will join the ‘Adventure is GREAT’ element of the campaign. Y.CO is one of the only superyacht companies in the GREAT Britain campaign, and we are excited to join the group of companies promoting British business to the rest of the world.

Through our association with this high-level campaign, headnorth Sledge Partners will be exposed to the campaign’s network of worldwide decision makers. This far-reaching campaign extends its focus on emerging markets, promoting its UK-registered partners and those associated with them to these key areas.